Dripping air cons have been annoying and polluting Hong Kong for years. To add to the frustration, in 2015 only 3 fines were handed out by the authorities. This summer local eco-charity Green Sense wanted more citizens to put pressure on the government to take action on this unresolved nuisance. So we created Drop The Drip, a new way to report leaking air conditioners via social media.

We launched with an online video that showed the range of emotions experienced by people on our hot summer streets on a daily basis.

Disgruntled citizens could take part by posting a picture or video on instagram with #dropthedrip and their location.
Each drop was added to an interactive map that was hosted on our website.
And everyday the drips were automatically reported to the FEHD (Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department) via email.

While the campaign seemed to get the attention of everyone else... we're still waiting for a response from the FEHD.

Green Sense
Agency: J. Walter Thompson
Market: Hong Kong