HELLO. I'm an integrated CREATIVE DIRECTOR currently based in Asia.  

  I operate at the intersection of strategy and concept. Of course, I mean this figuratively to imply I deliver SOLID work. I literally operate out of cafes located more or less on the beach. Unless you need me to operate out of your office elsewhere on the planet. Either way, really.  

  In the past I’ve operated full-time at advertising agencies WE ARE SOCIAL, DIGITAS, JWT, BBH and FALLON.  

 AXE     Wake-Up Service  
 CANESTEN     Code Word  
 CHINA TV     Public Service Ad  
CUP NOODLES     Chilli Crab  
 FERRERO ROCHER     Italian Flair  
 FORD     China SUV  
 GREEN SENSE     Drop The Drip  
LUX     Hair, Long Beautiful Hair  
 MENTOS     Mr. Mentos  
NIKON     Nikon Unveiled  
PRIDE 2020     #PrideCrossing  
RAFFAELLO     #LoveBooth  
SAMSUNG     Infinity-O 
 VOLKSWAGEN     New Beetle  
 VOLKSWAGEN     Golf  
VOLKSWAGEN     Touareg